After all the crazy fun they had at the beach party, the Fab Four are glum that the fabulous Road Trip has come to an end. They packed up and left the beach to take a much shorter route home, … Read more>>


Today is the day for the beach party! The Fab Four are super excited and are wondering what they’ll wear, but before that Rahul has some fun thrills planned for them.


The Fab Four have finally made to the beach! After the long journey and all the adventures they’re getting the chance to relax and have some fun on the sunny shore.


The Fab Four were driving along to the beach when Pari spotted a sign saying “National Bird Reserve”, so of course they had to make a stop there! Bird watching is one of Pari’s passions and she convinced everyone that … Read more>>


The Fab Four’s car unexpectedly refused to start the day after Rahul and Sara’s hike. Now while the girls wait, Rahul has gone off with the hotel staff to get the car fixed from the local mechanic. This unfortunate development … Read more>>

Road Trip Diaries #3 Part I

Upon waking on the 4th morning of their Road-Trip, the girls find Rahul brimming with excitement! He has found out an amazing hiking trail close to the hotel and he simply has to go take a look. Think the story … Read more>>

Road Trip Diaries #2 Part I

On the second day of the Road Trip, the Fab Four are driving along the highway when they spot a welcoming South Indian dhaba on the side. Having been on the road for so long, they are absolutely famished and … Read more>>

Guest Blog: Acing the art of Festive Shopping

From the desk of our guest blogger Smrithi Rao comes a story of her and Esha’s escapades to find that perfect outfit to bedazzle in. “I am broaching the topic of Diwali shopping today. Though most of your cities might … Read more>>