Tete-a-tete with guest blogger purushu

We love an honest opinion, especially the ones that come from a great sense of style and panache!

Today, we’ve got our charming guest blogger Purushu Arie on board, to shed light on his fashion 101

Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’ve lived and what are your dreams?

I am Purushu, a fashion blogger and fashion design graduate from NIFT New Delhi. I’ve lived across Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai and have been exposed to myriad Indian cultural facets that have deeply influenced my aesthetics. My creative realm is constantly changing and often draws inspiration from the places I’ve lived in and travelled.

Q2. We witnessed a lot of different styles spotted by Rahul! Could you tell us which one do you relate the most to and why?

Rahul’s wardrobe is quite versatile and offers different styles for every occasion. But in the bigger picture, his personal style is very modern, trendy and also rooted (he smartly chooses a Nehru jacket over blazer for party) I relate to his personal style in general. In fact, every modern Indian adult would relate to Rahul’s personal style since it directly deals with the everyday urban lifestyle.

Q3. What about Rahul is so strikingly relatable?

I was delighted to know that Rahul is a young professional, football fan and an architect. I am a young professional, football fanatic and a fashion designer. If not a fashion designer, I’ll be an architect or a filmmaker! I relate to Rahul’s go getter approach. Just like Rahul, I myself believe in working hard and partying harder. We represent the professional modern Indian youth and I completely relate to his personality.

Q4. How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important? What are your favourite Pantaloons brands?

I don’t think I can point out a definite beginning to when I first got interested in fashion. I was drawn towards art even in the earliest memory that I can recollect. I would sketch out and design anything from people on bikes to furniture and interiors. My inclination towards fashion grew further every time I passed through the fashion college in my locality. By 9th grade, I would be making plenty of amateur fashion design sketches. But eventually, fashion became a serious career option when I enrolled myself as a fashion design student in NIFT New Delhi.

About my favourite Pantaloons brands, I love British sensibilities and I relate to Rahul’s inclination towards Byford. I like San Frisco Jeans for the young mix of sporty and edgy aesthetics.

Q5. How do you describe the fashion scene in your city as compared to other major cities?

‘Cities’ would be the right term. Every city I’ve lived in has influenced and grown over me. I grew up in Chennai for the major part of my life and my core values come from what I call the most traditional of the major metro cities in India. Chennai is very loyal to its local flavor and it’s not about what’s the new ‘IN’ thing but about what has stayed through and gained trust over the time. A classic example would be the fact that lungis are a roaring business here without necessarily requiring the glamorization and approval from popular culture. In contrary, it’s a street trend that has trickled up into popular culture here. Delhi lies on the other end of the spectrum where it’s about the newest ‘IN’ thing. New Delhi is trendiest of Indian cities where brand names matter more than anywhere else. It’s almost impossible for you to be overdressed in at a night club in Delhi. Someone will always be flashier and bling struck than you. Bangalore on the other hand is dominated by the young corporate crowd resulting in a suave and sophisticated style statement. Bangalore’s streets have visible influence of hip hop and indie subcultures. Mumbai is probably the one Indian city where you can get dressed without getting judged. You can simply be yourself and wear what you like without any societal pressure. The fashion scene is cool and funky, just like the city!

Q6. Describe your personal style and its inspiration. Is there a style you’re afraid to adapt?

I think my personal style keeps evolving with my mood and experiences. I had a punk-like phase in the past and a certain inclination towards black with pop tones exists till date. I also wear a lot of harem pants and dhoti inspired trousers. I tend to mix Indian or Eastern cuts with western silhouettes.

If there’s one style I am afraid to adopt, I guess it is sheer trend for menswear which was often seen in SS15 runway.

Q7. We’ve seen what the fashion week had to offer and what got pulled off the ramp, but could you tell us what’s your take on these SS15 trends?

The resurgence of relaxed flare trousers, tartans in vivid hues and retro flamboyance is clearly hinted towards the rebellious and libertarian 70s – one of my favourite fashion era.

Q8. Last but not the least, tell us a fashion rule you never break!

Dress according to your body type!