Tete-a-tete with Guest Blogger Ruhi Sheikh

Name: Ruhi Sheikh
Occupation/Designation: Founder and Creative Head at All That Hype
Blogger at RepublicofChic.in

Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’ve lived and what are your dreams? 

I’ve lived in Bangalore most of my life but I dream of backpacking through all of the world one day – to learn to speak in all the languages, cook all the cuisines and file away memories that will continue to enrich & delight for a lifetime.

Q2. We witnessed a lot of different styles showcased by the Pantaloons Fab Four! Could you tell us which one do you relate the most to and why? 

 I loved getting to know Sara. A travel writer and self-admittedly, ‘a girl with no home’. I was immediately drawn to this wispy, untethered quality about her. A carefree life I long to live and a carefree style I long to don. I can absolutely see Sara and myself setting off to explore the world in all of the bohemian fusion pieces from Akkriti collection.

Q3. How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important? What are your favourite Pantaloons brands?

My first fashion memory has to be playing pretend with my mother’s wardrobe. The buttery soft leather fringe on her handcrafted handbag; the 70s wedge that I was convinced fit me well enough to wear to EVERY dinner; the colourful palazzos that hang in my closet to this day – mama was a bonafide flower child in her day. AKKRITI fits perfectly in these memories. Love the carefree, colour-crazy, print-perfect global chic vibe it lets me play with.On a regular day, SF Jeans with an oversized shirt and sequinned smoking slippers are all I need to feel comfortably chic.

Q4. How do you describe the fashion scene in Bangalore as compared to other major cities/fashion capitals?

The Bangalore girl steps lightly around the fashion traps of the day. Style in Bangalore radiates an air of comfort and self-assuredness – simple, effortless, perhaps effortless – just as the city and its people.Our wardrobe is usually a clever mix of cheap and affordable buys, holiday purchases, and a handful of luxury items. Our style is quiet – you’d never notice the monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag until it comes to rest casually on the café table, next to Bangalore’s famous filter coffee and the edgiest pair of Linda Farrow sunnies you’ve ever seen.

Q5. Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration. Is there a style you’re afraid to adapt? 

Its minimal and effortless but always surprising, I’d say.I love to discover new brands, especially if they’re creative and affordable – while fashion may be one of my top 3 indulgences, so are other ‘soulful’ experiences like good food, good wine and travel. Glitter and logos are not my thing. I seek chic and demand quality – brands that guarantee good taste, rather than an all-too obvious price tag.

Q7. We’ve seen what the fashion week had to offer and what got pulled off the ramp, but could you tell us what’s your take on these SS15 trends? 

My favourite definitely has to be ‘urban sportswear’ which designers like Dhruv Kapoor and Huemn do a great rendition of.

Q8. Last but not the least, tell us a fashion rule you never break!

Rules are never on my mind while getting dressed, moods are.