Tete -A-Tete with Guest Blogger Smrithi

Name: SmrithiRao

Age: 29

Occupation/Designation: Founder of Vintage Obsession

Career graph: Curator at Vintage Obsession

Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’ve lived and what are your dreams? 

I’ve lived in Bangalore all my life, it feels unthinkable for me to leave this city and live elsewhere. I love everything about it – the cityscape, the greenery and sometimes, even the traffic! I dream of traveling and traversing around local markets in different countries to collect different types of art and accessories. Oh, and I love dogs. And reading conspiracy theories is a favourite night time activity.

Q2. We witnessed a lot of different styles showcased by the Fab Four! Could you tell us which one do you relate to?

Needless to say Pari is my favourite. There are hints of traditionalism in her outfits that are so me. There’ll always be an ethnic item in our ensemble; it’s what I’m truly gravitated towards. She has a flair of making the most mundane outfits come to life with her personality, and isn’t that something we’re all aiming to do with our outfits everyday? Believe it or not, I went to Pantaloons and hauled the entire section of Rangmanch after getting inspired by her!

Q3. What about them is so strikingly relatable?

Their energy! We all crave for friendships so strong and identities so vibrant. Every individual has their own quirks, each of them make me nostalgic of my own crew.

Q4. How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important? What are your favourite Pantaloons brands? 

Fashion’s always surrounded me. I have an older brother who’s always spoilt me silly – be it the Barbie school bag or the money that sometimes he knows I casually flick from his wallet to buy myself that luxury bag that I’ve had my eyes on for ages! If I had to pick my style in Pantaloons, I’d have to (HAVE TO) say that it’s a mix of vibrant dresses from Candie’s New York, I love to mix & match from Rangmanch (can you tell how much I love this brand?) and a super-heavy dose of Annabelle for evening wear.

While I’m not too fond of jeans but I do swear by SF Jeans. So if you must sport one killer white-tee and denim look, make sure it’s an SF look!

Q5. How do you describe the fashion scene in Bangalore as compared to other major cities/fashion capitals?

Bangalore may not be a Mumbai, but we sure as hell know how to get our fashion right! From pastels to the maxis to the crop tops, we’ve got them and we flaunt them!

Q6. Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration?

A mix and match. A little bit of Singapore here, a little bit of high fashion there, and a whole lotta comfort clothing that allows my confidence to shine through.

Q7. We’ve seen what the fashion week had to offer and what got pulled off the ramp, but could you tell us what’s your take on these SS15 trends? 

Nothing touches my heart strings like Naeem Khan’s gowns. It’s a different thing I don’t attend that many parties to wear them – but if I could, I’d even wear it to work everyday.

Q8. Last but not the least, tell us a fashion rule you never break!

Rules are meant to be broken, and I, for one, have broken them all. (Esp the no stripes on stripes!)