The LIVA Woman

As part of Spring/Summer 2016, LIVA has introduced a new collection at Pantaloons that beautifully merges fluidity and style. The fabric has the most amazing feel and flow. It’s a new age, natural fabric that infuses fluidity into its garments. It’s softness transforms the look of the garment and the woman wearing it.

The fabric movement and dynamism allows the woman an unmatched comfort. The Liva tag on the garment is an assurance that the garment fabric has a liquid drape and is made of eco-friendly fibres.

Ethereal experience! Choose monochrome fusion wear by Akkriti for an effortless charm.

Bohemian Vibe! Channel boho chic vibe with fluid dresses by Akkriti in bold colours to stand out from the crowd.

Summer romance! Wear summer on your sleeve with this pastel collection by Izabel London on a day out.

Check out the entire collection at any Pantaloons store near you & infuse fluidity in your wardrobe this summer with Liva.