The multi-taskers

From foundation and eye pencils to lipsticks and blush, a girl’s makeup kit is always overflowing with numerous products. But what if you could use one product for multiple things? Beauty products with multiple purposes are truly an asset for any style diva. Here are some tips on how to add excitement to those routine beauty products and use them in innovative ways:

While lipsticks are only used to accentuate that pout, they can also be used as blush. Simply dab a little on the cheeks and spread it gently for a natural, peppy look. In addition, you can also wear eyeshadow as blush to add an oomph to your ensemble.

BB creams pack the power of moisturisers, sunscreens and foundation all in one product. These BB creams offer the benefits of all these products combined and are available in different skin tones.

A lip liner can be used the traditional way or even as an eyeliner. Try one in a fresh vibrant colour to lend a radiant glow to your face.

For GenNext that needs products on-the-go to look fab without compromising on quality, these useful tips will, within minutes, help you soar up the style charts; be it your college, workplace or a hip party.