The Sale Blueprint

The only season better than festive season is here – It’s Sale Season! That’s right, it’s time to get your shopping groove on. But before you head to the treasures at a Pantaloons store, you need to chart your course and plan your loot. That’s why we bring you – The Sale Blueprint: Everything you need to know before you shop, shop, shop away!

Check the List– Before you get shopping, it’s a good idea to make a note of the things you need. While you’re bound to pick up a few things because you got a great deal on it, you should get the things that you really need first. So how do you decide if you need it? Simple – run through this checklist:

Map it out – Sure, you’ve been to the shop a million times, but do you really know where everything is? In the hurry to get the best deals, you might be missing out on entire sections (and hence great deals) just because you forgot to look. Instead, spend a moment seeing where everything is before you begin your shopping spree.

Colour Crazy – If you haven’t figured out the colours that complement your skin tone as yet, let’s help you with that first. If you’re someone with pale or light skin with pink undertones; choose bright, bold colours. The contrast will highlight your skintone and dazzle. If you’ve got more of a brown skintone with rich bronze undertones; black, white and earthy tones are your friends.For a dark skintone, experiment with beiges, creams and fresh colours. Learn to mix and match the colours that suit you the best – and then shop away.

The Hunt – Now that you’re on the prowl, let the games begin. Along with the right colour and style, make sure you have the proper size, fabric and fit for yourself. Some stores have a limit on the number of items you can take to the trial room, so make sure you check on that before you line up with your hands full. While trying on clothes, make separate piles – Sure to buy, Might buy and Will not buy. It’s difficult to make 100% decisions with a long line outside your trial room. Instead, let the Might Buy pile get a little extra thought once you’re out of the trial room.

Weigh your loot – Go in with a budget. Come out with a killing. It’s only good sense to decide how much you want to spend before you start shopping. A little here and there won’t hurt so much if you have a spending amount in mind before you fill your shopping bag. It will also keep you from  buying things that you are going to spend a large amount of time at the back of your closet.

Let the shopping begin!