Trendy Tots

With the entire world doing a fashionable march, can our Gen Next be far behind? The craze for children’s clothing is huge, and clearly, getting hipper by the minute. Let’s see what’s really in vogue for the trendy tots.   While shopping for your little bundles of joy, you can’t go wrong with sweaters in bright and preppy colours. Paired with a funky belt or hip pair of shoes for the boys and headbands for the girls completes a superbly stylish look.


Sweatshirts are an absolute style necessity, they complement just about anything and look best when paired with equally colourful shoes.   Layer up by pairing a plaid or striped sweatshirt with a printed tee and a pair of jeans and voila! Your child is ready to outshine everyone else. Add an uber-cool cap to jazz up this classic ensemble.

While we adults make do with blacks, whites and greys, the kids are just about spoilt for a colourful choice with pretty pinks and zesty oranges being among the favourites. So let your kids bask in the joy that fashion provides them. After all, it’s never too early to start being stylish, is it?