Upcycled and Gorgeous

We were thinking about what it means to throw away pieces from the closet that were once close to your heart. And then we thought of some pretty interesting and gorgeous as goddess upcycled #DIY ideas. And here’s an ode to those heirloom saris and pretty looking buttons and dangling embellishments of beautiful dresses.


Brooch love!

We’ve seen the brooch make a surprising come back off lately and when we see things from the lands of embellishment, vintage and statement, we too cannot control the surge of excitement! Don’t feel restricted by the word “Usage”, it has many more options and that too gorgeous ones. So we took some broken buttons and jhoomar dangling off of our “Shaadi” dresses and just with the use of a safety pin, we transformed them into stylish brooches. Now be it a safari suit for the men or your enchanting party gowns, or simply your regular #OOTD! This brooch will not only elevate your outfits but also evoke a sense of vintage aura. Here’s how we did it!


If you too have some gorgeous #DIY ideas, please share them with us! We have an emotional connect with people who love upcycling.