What’s in my bag?

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Fashion just doesn’t stop at clothes, it crosses the realm into accessories and footwear to ensure a complete wardrobe upgrade. Bags of all kinds have always been a woman’s companion and saviour, encompassing the category of hand-held bags, sling bags, tote bags and many different variations of it. Pantaloons has the widest assortment of bags to suit your everyday whims and needs. Take a look at the stuff your bag can hold for all those occasions.


Get  office ready with these must-haves in this smart black formal bag with metallic accents. Do not forget to carry your: wallet, reading glasses, bunch of colourful hair-ties, a fountain pen and a leather bound planner. For your make-up kit, add a compact, a subtle shade of pink lipstick, and an anti-presperiant roll-on to stay fresh always.


Busy week in college, carry your essentials in style with a printed tote that gives you ample space to put in stuff from your books to your lunchtime snack. Get in your: Scarf, hair brush, earphones for those jazzy tones, sunglasses, gloss and earrings.


The mood for a party is set and so are your valuables for the cool studded sling bag. Do not forget to carry your make-up kit, party glitter eye-shadow, your EDT and a safety-pin for those just-in-case situations.


A beach vacation deserves a bright color-blocked textured shoulder bag filled with your yoga mat, your digital camera, a sun hat, a pair of sunglasses, lipstick and a souvenir that you might pick up on the way.


Tell us, which one suits your style?