Winter Voyage with Sara

‘Tis the season of cozy wear and comforting hot chocolates! I’m going to take you guys on a little winter-wear detour, with the help of Sara. Before that, have I mentioned that Sara and I go long back? Yes,  and as do our yearly winter shopping fiestas! She’s the kinda gal who believes in ‘you-don’t-always-have-to-sacrifice-your-fashion-forward-sensibilities-when-the-frosty-weather-hits’. Well the good news is I’m going to show you how to emulate her winter style just the right way!

A little too sassy…
Sara is all about off-beat, eclectic fashion and she likes making a statement wherever she can. Her winter go-to is a vibrant red faux leather jacket that she likes to flaunt almost anywhere and everywhere. This blood red jacket by Candie’s New York is the perfect statement clothing item the fall could offer.

Go Partying Girl!
Now that the temperature has considerably dropped down, every fashionista needs her comfort covers! Especially Sara, she can go from classic denim jackets to her go-to stockings to her sassy leather boots,she knows how to use her layering to give her the right degree of warmth. And when it comes to celebrating the ‘soiree’ look? Let’s see her evening picks for what to wear. For her, it’s nothing but a hip signature bold ‘Sara’ dress, like this one by SF Jeans, with eccentric galaxy prints.

Hipster like me?
While I’m smitten with fashion too, she takes her sensibilities to the next level. Smitten with this fashion, Sara’slikes to go unconventional and sometimes she decides to go all hipster diva! Feminine prints paired along with trendy ox-blood coloured denim pants and knee-high boots, Sara is definitely ready to embrace the winter.

That being said, I’m going to try and adapt her style this fall. Give it a try, sometimes all you need to refresh your winter look is to emulate looks that you’d never have thought by yourself!