Athleisure- 5 places you can wear this look


If you are looking for a new look to adopt into your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. The athleisure look that originally was opted only for sporting and outdoor activities is now becoming a major trend. However, … Read more>>


4 ways to get on the fusion trend train!


We all love to follow fashion trends while also maintaining our own style. This season, be prepared to upgrade your wardrobe! Pantaloons brings in the new fusion style with our AW’16 Collection and it is high time you jumped on … Read more>>


3 Steps to Prep for Sale Season!


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5 Monsoon Essentials!!


This year, the monsoons have returned with a greater enthusiasm. The rains are frequent and heavy ensuring that you have to relook your wardrobe this season. Here are five essentials you need to ensure you do not get washed out … Read more>>

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Fathers and Fashion- A walk down memory lane!


Fashion and Fathers are words that will always bring up very interesting childhood memories for us. We often recall the arguments you had with your dad about the length of a skirt or the weird fashion styles you felt your … Read more>>

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The LIVA Woman


As part of Spring/Summer 2016, LIVA has introduced a new collection at Pantaloons that beautifully merges fluidity and style. The fabric has the most amazing feel and flow. It’s a new age, natural fabric that infuses fluidity into its garments. … Read more>>

Mother’s Day with Pantaloons

Mother’s Day with Pantaloons


So what if Mother’s Day is over, it’s always a good time to speak about these lovely women in our lives. This Mother’s Day was one of the most memorable at Pantaloons. Let’s look back at the amazing times we’ve … Read more>>


Micro fashion trends for cool kids


Summer’s here! It’s that time of the year where our lil’ fashionistas bask in the sun and enjoy the season to the fullest. And what we all love is to see them don the best of summer shades. Here are … Read more>>


5 Must have Colours of the Season!


The sun is out and you’re probably thinking this season is only about light, airy pastels. But check out our line-up of season-ready pops of colour and you’ll find that there’s so much more on your palette to play with. … Read more>>


5 Summer Looks!

These 5 trending looks will definitely inspire your Spring-Summer Style this year! Try these classics out and be the Stylish You! Our super fun selection of warm-weather cotton shorts and tees comes to the rescue this season. Cut your dressing … Read more>>