5 tips to eliminate body shaming.

In today’s age and space of zero-figures and rigorous diet plans, we are left with little or no options to project a healthy body image according to the standards that we see fit for our body type or our comfort zones. Read on to know how to dress right without getting stuck in the loop of continuous body image related worries and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Here are 5 tips to eliminate body shaming

image-1 (3)1. Dress For Comfort & Not Just To Please

Alto Moda’s plus size fashion enables you to experiment with the latest styles but not at the cost of your own comfort. A printed tunic top paired with cuffed capri pants is just the right way to set the tone of being fashionable without compromising on a fit that suits yours body type in the most becoming way.

image-2 (2)
2. Dress To Achieve Greatness & Not Just A Number

As people talk more and more about the figure in pure physical terms, we forget that dressing has also got a lot to do with how confidently you carry yourself and the level of ease you exude in whatever you wear. This layered composition of a cape, a georgette top and a pair of slim-fit trousers portrays the right mix of elegant dressing and a dynamic visage.

3. Identify the pattern of associating to body issues and try eliminating the thought that triggers it- Do not fixate on how you look or how you do not fit amongst the waist cinching, crash dieting generation.

4. Focus on constructive attitudes and inspirational activities that let you embrace the inner you rather than the external image.

5. Exercise and eat healthy to feel fit rather than to just fit into the fictitious norms of good looks.