A Knotty Affair!

What is it about scarves that has the fashion world going gaga over them? Is it their Grace Kellyesque elegance? The fact that they look and feel simply electrifying in every ensemble? Befriend your scarf this season and find out.

Versatility of scarves is astounding. Want to add a hint of panache to your jeans and sweatshirt? Casually tote a long scarf around your neck and watch the dazzling difference it makes. Or you could funkify a basic capri and top ensemble and channel the iconic Ms Monroe by carelessly flaunting your scarf. The more feminine, the better.

Unleash your inner Audrey Hepburn with a dainty headscarf a la the iconic movie, Roman Holiday! For a brunch with the girls, ditch your usual belt for a funky scarf. Pair it with a feminine dress or loop it through your denims. Either way, the result will be a drop dead gorgeous you!

For men, nothing spells elegance and charm than a knotted scarf with a shirt. Complete your party look with a colourful scarf and complement the dandy in you.

We’re a huge fan of accessorising even our accessories. Embellish your work bag with your favourite scarf and lend it a personal touch.

Fashion is all about embracing your inner goddess and letting her shine forth. Fall in love with her, and she’ll love you right back.