Athleisure- 5 places you can wear this look

If you are looking for a new look to adopt into your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. The athleisure look that originally was opted only for sporting and outdoor activities is now becoming a major trend. However, do you have to indulge in any outdoor activities to adopt these looks? Ofcourse not! There are a number of places where such a look gives you the perfect level of comfort and style.

We count down the top 5 places you can wear the athleisure look:

5. Airport Comfort

When planning a vacation, we always take the greatest care to pack our best clothes. Obviously one must look effortlessly stylish at all times. This should also apply for when you travel. To achieve a casual yet comfortable look, you can simply opt for leggings with an edgy print and a hoodie to keep you warm!

4. Sporting Events

Another obvious place you can wear an athleisure look is sporting events! When going for any cricket, football or basketball match, your comfort is a key factor of your outfit. This type of a look gives you ease of movement while also helping you stand out from the other sports enthusiasts. All you need is a jersey tshirt, some comfortable printed capris and a pair of sporty high tops!

3. Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch with the girls is all about looking effortlessly good! However, after a stressful week, you cannot be bothered to spend hours on your outfit. Instead, you can just pickup any cool tee with a pair of comfortable joggers. By pairing this outfit with some white tennis shoes that are extremely trendy now, you guarantee yourself a look your friends will be envious of.

2. Family get togethers

When prepping to go for a family get together doesn’t always leave you time to comfortably choose an outfit. There is a lot of running around required which cannot be done in heels. Hence, the best style to go for is the athleisure look. All you need is a printed top along with some fitted track pants that cut off at your knees. Paired with a variety of brightly coloured sneakers, you are guaranteed the ideal outfit.

1. The Movies

When planning a movie night, one needs to keep in mind that the cinema can get quite chilly. Hence if you are looking for an outfit for those casual outings, here are a few options you can try out. Always opt for comfortable pants that are not too tight. This will help give you a longer frame. Paired with sweatshirt, you have the perfect athleisure look!

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