Trend Alert: Coloured Denims

Blue jeans are a perennial, time tested and timelessly classic! However, this fall bright colours have made a huge splash in the style stratosphere. And denim is no stranger to this spiffy style statement.

Candy, Aubergine, Lime, Aquamarine, Teal – the wilder, the better. Drench your beloved denims in vibrant, colours and sashay down the chic street.

Working your colour-pop jeans isn’t as difficult as you think. Tweak a few classic looks, let your inner fashion wild child come out to play and voila! You’ll own these denims like a true fashion goddess.


Contrast and win! Colour contrasting is hands-down your best bet to turn heads in these fashion favourites.  Here’s a quick tip. If you want to appear taller and sleeker, make sure your jeans and shoes are of the same colour. Another fun thing you can do? Denim on denim has never looked better since the advent of these uber cool style must-haves. This is a look, where less is more. Stick to a minimum of one accessory such as a watch, funky belt or earrings and you’re all set to rock it out!

We’ve always been a fan of classic colour pairings. And it doesn’t get any cooler than the red and blue combo! Combine a simple vest jacket over a jazzy tee-shirt or a simple tank to, a pair of sexy red jeans with ballet flats and sleek hoop earrings or a cool sling bag and you’ll send the temperatures soaring!


There are amazing options for style conscious men who are not scared to flaunt colours. Are you man enough to pull it off? Flaunt your bravura in straight cut denims of your choice. Work this look with aplomb by pairing a sporty polo shirt. All you need is a dapper watch and a pair of nifty shoes and you’re ready to hit the runway. For best results, contrast, contrast, contrast! Style tip – stick to neutral, earthy tones when it comes to accessorizing as you don’t want to overshadow your denims.

Paint your wardrobe in dazzling shades and rule the fashion world.

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