Which fashion icon does your style resemble?

We all love to don the latest trends and styles of the season. Most of our inspiration comes from fashion icons who effortlessly flaunt trends. In this blog, we will look at some of the top style icons in India and give you tips on how to learn from these leading fashionistas!

Alia Bhatt- The Bubbly Fashion Experimentalist

Alia Bhatt is one of the younger Bollywood stars whose rise to fame has been impressive. Her bubbly personality is visible in the range of fun and easy to wear outfits she effortlessly chooses. She has a knack for using simple pieces to create comfortable yet stylish outfits.

To emulate her style, you can mix an aztec print palazzos with a crop top and a jacket. Paired with some thick-soled sneakers and chokers, your Alia-inspired fun fashion outfit is all ready to hit the streets!

Deepika Padukone- The Effortlessly Chic Fashionista

Deepika has never been shy of experimenting with fashion trends. She can always be counted on looking stunning no matter what she wears. From her classic red lip and sleek ponytails to her easy flowing wavy hairstyles, her outfits are always memorable.

Sonam Kapoor – The Full Glam Trendsetter

Sonam has revolutionized our outlook on style with her endless range of glamorous outfits. From her high fashion glam looks to her trendy everyday style, she is queen of fashion. She knows exactly what looks good on her and doesn’t hesitate to explore fun silhouettes.

To add a bit of Sonam’s glam to your style, you should explore out new silhouettes. Select a lace trim maxi skirt with a poncho style top and leave your hair in soft beach waves. With simple elements like a messenger bag and ankle boots and you have yourself a vogue new look!

So now that you know how to embody the style of these top fashionistas, pop in to Pantaloons to explore our endless variety of trendy and stylish new outfits!