Men’s Fashion Guide

‘Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.’ This quote by German fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld perfectly encapsulates the essence of fashion.Fashion is defined by each individual in their own distinct style and the key is to carry your individual style with panache.

We give you four distinct looks that are currently in vogue with men.

The breezy weekend look

Those ever-so-comfortable plaid shorts or cargo shorts in vibrant colors like yellow spell relaxed and easygoing. Team it with a casual graphic UMM tee or a sporty collared t-shirt by Ajile along with trendy sunglasses and you have the perfect look for a holiday or a lazy weekend.

The effortlessly cool

A pair of crisp chino trousers paired with smooth linen shirts in pastel hues is all it takes for men to look refined and classy. Fashion comes naturally to them and it takes the very minimum of accessories—such as a simple watch and savvy formal shoes—for them to make a lasting impression, be it a casual outing with friends or an important date.

The meticulously stylish

Pair up well fitted jeans tailored to perfection with meticulously chosen smart striped polo t-shirt to get that impeccable look that suits every occasion. Accentuate it further by donning tinted sunglasses, a slick belt and sporty loafers.

The dapper college look

Team up classic loose fitted jeans in your favourite shade of blue with contrast-collared T-shirt to get that perfect college look. Add a cool wristband or a sporty watch and sneakers to complete the look.

So which one of these looks suits your style? Come discover your ideal blend of fashion essentials at the nearest Pantaloons store.