Style Resolutions 2013

Fashion is all about looking ahead – getting rid of the last season’s trends and upgrading your closet with New Year’s chic finds. Aside from clothes, it could be giving a new twist to your beauty regime or infusing some quirkiness into the way you do up your accessories! Here’s a low-down on the 5 easy-to-follow resolutions. The end result? A more fabulous and sophisticated you.

Identify your style

We’re not trying to be preachy, but there’s more to fashion than just wearing trendy clothes and matching them with cool accessories. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, it will show and disastrously! There’s no need to copy someone else’s style, instead find out what works for you. Are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of person? Or does a sexy LBD define you? Trends come and go, but style is timeless. Figure out what your personal style is and own it!

The 3-step Clean-Up

Some people are blessed with a truly flawless skin. However, most of us have to work for it. A clear, luminous skin is a dream for many and involves a strict grooming ritual. All you need is a diligent skin regime – cleanse, tone and moisturise. It’s something you’ve probably heard a countless times and yes, it does work. Just a few minutes of your time everyday results in rich, long-lasting effects. If you haven’t adopted this into your lifestyle yet, 2013 is the perfect time to start.

Smell Divine 24×7

Ask anyone what’s a huge turn off for them and 8 out of 10 people will say body odour. The good news is, smelling fabulous 24×7 isn’t a difficult task. The market is over-crowded with a wide range of deodorants, perfumes and colognes and with good reason. Stock your vanity shelf with these and banish body odour for good.

Say hello to colour

Grey, black and white are NOT colours. While most people consider them to be uber stylish, the fact is, it’s high time you inject a little colour into your life. Fashion forecasts say that emerald green is going to dominate the style radar this year. So open your wardrobe to gorgeous and vibrant greens, reds, yellows, aquamarines, tangerines and add a zest of colour to your wardrobe.

Organise your closet

You’re already late for the party and can’t find your favourite pair of jeans. Familiar scenario? Here’s the solution. Coordinate your closet. Colour code your clothes, separate the causals from formals, keep the shoes on a separate rack and make sure you have a section devoted to your accessories. Not only will this make your closet look neat and organised, but will ensure that you can throw on a stylish ensemble in a jiffy too. Quite a win-win situation if you ask us.

So there you have it! Follow these simple resolutions and we guarantee that you will have a fashionable New Year!