Sultry Sunglasses

Pump up for beach weekends, pool days, and your own mini versions of summer vacation with the coolest pairs of sunglasses that fit right in with the season’s top trends.


The classic fashion staple does not need introduction. They complement every face (well almost) and make a statement wherever you go. With the love for aviators ever growing, you can stuff your closet with them without feeling repetitive!


The iconic style of the roaring 50’s and 60’s are back in action and replacing the aviators in many wardrobes. Fashion today has a penchant for them! They have created some iconic fashionable moments and are an obvious choice of the Jet setting elite today.

Candy Colored

We call them the ice breakers! They exude confidence and some major crowd pulling qualities. Pop some colour and jazz up with these uber stylish funky frames that up your style ante like a hero! Impressing your long time crush won’t be a task anymore

Tortoise shell

Totally for the square faced! The tortoise frames redefine chic like none other. At a point of time everyone has bought, desired or been gifted a pair of these nifty sunglasses. If you haven’t, it’s time to rethink.

Cat Eye

Crossover of wild and sexy, the cat eye sunglasses are big this season. Nothing elevates a heart shaped countenance better. But regardless of the shape of your face the gratifications are amazing because the style accentuates your cheek bones and enhances your looks. From a wide range of dramatic to the traditional all you need is to pick the version that fits best.


Whoever said tinted sunglasses make you look younger was damn right! With some heavenly shades to choose from, you can make your world look more beautiful than ever. With a pantone of colours to choose from you can throw a pantomime of oomph even on a blue day. These charmers have witnessed some iconic fashion moments and are much more than summer’s most important travel accessory. They are what we think of, when we think savoir-faire!