Top 5 Looks for College

As you take your first steps into the new world of college life, there are a number of exciting things to look forward to. One of the biggest changes we’re excited about is the no uniform rule. Perhaps the best part of college is the fact that you are free to choose what you wear. The restriction of having to wear the same boring old clothes no longer exists.

We have handpicked 5 awesome outfits that you can wear to celebrate your new freedom!

The Cute Off-Shoulder Dress

You have a busy day of meeting new people and exploring a college to look forward to. Why not opt for a fun off-shoulder pinstriped dress? Pair it with golden sneakers and a chestnut brown choker for a peppy touch. Keep your hair in loose beach waves and you’re set to have an awesome first day!

The High Low Fusion Top

Would you rather turn heads on your first day? You can try on a high-low fusion top. Paired with your favorite ripped jeans, this combo will definitely not go unnoticed. Add a touch of lip gloss you’ll be ready to rock the halls of your college in no time.

Reversible Fusion Jacket

Have a long day of classes and plans for the night as well? Rather than wear the same outfit all day, you can change it up with a reversible jacket. This fusion jacket lets you magically transform from one look to another in seconds. It’s the perfect staple for a young college girl with a busy schedule.

The Trendy Pinafore Skirt

Pinafore skirts are a major trend at the moment. They are girly, fun and easy to create a look with. With such a style, keep your t-shirt simple to let the skirt be the statement piece. Hop into your favorite pair of sneakers and grab your backpack for another day of learning.

The Badge Me Up Mania

Badges have been one of the most popular additions to all kinds of outfits all summer. We have a range of jeans and t-shirts with a variety of patches to help you create the best OOTD for college. Keep your look simple with classics like a black skirt or a simple white tee and you can’t go wrong!

So grab your favorite look from Pantaloons and rock your first year of college.