Valentine’s Day Gifts Guide

Finding the perfect present can be a Valentine’s Day minefield. But with the following options and a bountiful heart you can make it your best ever!


Chocolates are for the crazy groovy love; especially the irresistibly smooth truffles that come in velvet heart shaped boxes! Take a dive into the guilty pleasure. After all what’s not to love about chocolates?

Ties and cuffs

The way to a man’s heart is through good food and great style!
An elegant pair of cuffs and a nifty tie will cheer up your mate. With a matching suit and a pair of dandy shoes you can pour some love on his closet too.


A piece of jewel is just fine, no that’s a lie. It’s a total win win! A little rock on the finger or on the neck is such a mood elevator. Let’s just say,‘great love always comes with a little sparkle.’


Choosing the right fragrance can be as difficult as solving a Greek puzzle. But as long as you pick something that you would love to smell on your loved one, the sentiment will be appreciated .

Skin Care

This isn’t essentially what one expects on “the day” which is why it makes for the perfect pampering gift! A bottle of hair mist and shower gel adds to your attractive kit! With a little research and help from friends you will come up trumps like a hero.


So sweet and romantic, it’s just so hard to resist. If you are planning to stay in and avoid exorbitant prices, a spa kit is what you need. Don’t forget to add extra candles or some soothing music to set the mood.

Weekend Getaway

Love is all about spending time with your better half. Instead of a Valentine’s Day, make it a Valentine’s Weekend. Pack your bags with some trendy outfits for the day and your oh-so-sexy attire for the night. It wouldn’t be romantic enough if someone wasn’t getting dressed. If you are the stay-in type, a bottle of champagne and some good music sounds like a great night to us.

If chocolates and teddy bears make you cringe, don’t sigh, there’s another way to pour your love without getting mushy.

Dress to impress

For all the gorgeous girls who want to surprise their man without the lovey-doveyness, sneak a dapper shirt into his closet. Get your man something he can flaunt stylishly at the next big party and earn massive brownie points.

For all the boys who are still chagrined by the gifting dilemmas, a sexy floral dress will work wonders! Impressive and effortless is the trick!

So pick your best and make it big because when love is what it’s all about, you better say it out loud.